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Inspired by the après-ski scene at Aspen Mountain and a spring deck party at Val D’Isere, Embers Ski Lodge will convey the warmth and camaraderie of a ski lodge right in the heart of Nashville.  Embers Ski Lodge will feature  inventive cocktails, menu inspired by the Pacific Northwest, and the largest selection of whiskey in Nashville.

“A great neighborhood bar for a great Nashville neighborhood”








Embers Ski Lodge is a great neighborhood bar for a great Nashville neighborhood.

Lars Kopperud and Mike Dolan, the owners of Mafiaoza’s, have been an integral part of 12 South for thirteen years. When the corner space next to them became available, they decided to create a neighborhood bar that would serve as a gathering spot and anchor for residents and guests.

There’s nothing better than the last run of the day down the mountain. When you come over the final slope and see the fire pits in the distance, hear the music pumping, and smell the grill, you know what’s waiting for you at the bottom.

People from all over the world come together in the lodge to enjoy the company of old mates and meet new friends. It is this feeling of warmth, camaraderie, and conviviality that we are recreating in the heart of Tennessee. Embers ski lodge is a valentine to the après-ski scene at the Ajax lift of Aspen Mountain, crossed with a springtime deck party at the summit of Val D’Isere in the French Alps.

Featuring an innovative cocktail menu designed by international cocktail expert Gary Hayward, Embers Ski Lodge will take the expertise of the finest cocktail bars and infuse them with the warmth and approachability of the neighborhood tavern. Embers staff will be experts in recognizing their guests’ needs, and will provide a memorable experience every time whether it’s for a first-time guest or our most valued regular. Our service team is led by decorated industry veterans Matt Buttel (Managing Partner) and Chantel Laughlin (Assistant GM).

Embers Ski Lodge features a from-scratch, seasonally influenced gastropub menu inspired by Lars’ travels to ski resorts in the Pacific Northwest and around the country. Lunch and dinner is available seven days a week, with brunch service slated to commence in May.


Our Mission

Create the warmth, and camaraderie of a ski lodge in the heart of Tennessee.


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