Drink Your Whiskey at Embers

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Embers Ski Lodge is undoubtedly one of the best places to drink whiskey in Nashville as it is featured recently in The Tennessean along with six other solid bars in the music city, ranging from the no-frills to the upscale restaurants in town.


Embers features the largest global whiskey collection in Nashville with 175 selections. Its 29 specialty cocktails feature a variety of whiskey-forward drinks, including a wide range of related classics and unique cocktail reinventions.


“Embers, which opened in 2015, has one of the biggest whisk(e)y lists in town, and a few interesting variations of classic cocktails like the Manhattan and Old-Fashioned.” Juli Thanki, 7 Best Places To Drink Whiskey in Nashville


Drink your whiskey at Embers Ski Lodge, one of Nashville’s best, located 2410 12th Ave. S.








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