Embers Hailed as the “Best in Category” on Where to Drink in Nashville: The Brooklyn Magazine

Brooklynite’s are welcome to invade the Music City as Brooklyn Magazine released its latest travel guide titled, “The Brooklynite’s Guide to Nashville.” The magazine included Embers—voting it “Best in Category” on Where to Drink in Nashville featuring Ember’s Fourth-of-July-Shot as the highlight drink of the piece.

“The highest compliment I can give Embers Ski Lodge is that it reminded me of a little Red Hook bar called Bait and Tackle–the level of camp and tongue-in-cheek celebration of an out of season theme was exactly on par. Embers Ski Lodge is decorated like a classic ’80s ski lodge, and was inspired by the feeling of returning to home, hearth, and warmth after a long day on the mountain. Embers captures that welcoming feeling perfectly, and manages to capture plenty of flourishes from gastropubs and ski lodges in the Pacific Northwest, where I was born and raised. This is a bar you come to drink at for the playful atmosphere–and spots like that are precious and rare.” – Caitlin White, Brooklyn Magazine

The travel guide also included the best places to eat, where to learn about the music history, where to hear music and of course, the best places to shop. To read the full article, click here.



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