Embers Ski Lodge launches winter food menu as featured on Nashville’s premier entertainment website, Focus on the 615. The feature highlighted Ember’s menu including new appetizers and desserts fit for the season. Embers Ski Lodge general manager Matt Buttel, said that it is their goal to share the ski season experience with their guests, expanding their small plates section, hearty homestyle faves and variety of cocktails.


“…..Upper Bowl Ramen with broth made from pork and chicken garnished with ramen noodles, braised pork belly, a marinated soft broiled egg, sautéed baby bok choy and bamboo shoots and nori; the Mt. McKinley Meatloaf served with JD ketchup, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy and Brussels sprouts; Northern Lights Salmon, a center cut salmon cooked souse vide and then seared and served with corn bread pie and Brussels sprouts.

In addition to the “Black Diamond Entrées,” new appetizers have been added to the menu, including the Pork Belly Bao Bun which includes a slowly braised pork belly laid in bao buns, topped with Kim Chee and a savory braising sauce; Sea Level Crab Dip served with tortilla chips; Ten Eighty Pork Drummies tossed in a house made sweet and tang wing sauce served with Kung Pow mustard; Big Air Beef Wontons featuring a special seasoning blended with ground beef folded into wonton skins and then deep fried; Edamame… lightly salted; Dragon Plaza Rangoons which include wonton skins filled with a unique Korean BBQ style flank steak mixed with a creamy cheese blend and then deep fried; Poutine Quebecoise whose mouthful of a name matches the dish with a mound of Belgain fries topped with cheese curds and house made signature brown gravy.

For dessert, to satisfy your sweet tooth, the Arctic Apple Crisp is a delicious apple crisp served with spiced vanilla ice cream and rehydrated raisins.” Patrice, Focus on the 615.





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